5 Avoidable Mistakes Most People Who Receive Traffic Tickets Make, but You Won’t

  1. Thinking they are guilty and have no options
  2. Forgetting that their car insurance premiums might increase
  3. Thinking their ticket in Wisconsin will not be reported to their home state
  4. Assuming they must appear in court themselves
  5. Believing just paying the fine is the cheapest option

Johnen Law Offices can help so you don’t make the same mistakes:

  • Even if you’re guilty of speeding, we can lower the ticket
  • Prevent the ticket from showing up on your driving record in Wisconsin or your home state. (Wisconsin reports all traffic violations to other states.)
  • Keep your car insurance from going up
  • Going to all court appearances for you/you don’t have to come to court
  • Save you money in the long run

What you should find out before you pay the citation

  • Will your car insurance go up?
  • Do you have any other tickets on your driving record?
  • Are you at risk of losing your license?
  • Is the cost of paying the ticket and higher insurance rates more than hiring an attorney?

If you have received a traffic ticket in Wisconsin, contact us for a unlimited free consultation at (608)620-3442 or submit a Free Case Evaluation below to learn how Johnen Law Offices can help you. We offer affordable flat fees to make representation possible. We understand that getting a ticket does not mean your are guilty. Even if you believe there is no possible defense, Johnen Law Offices will help you contest or lower your traffic ticket.

We will tell you if hiring an attorney for your traffic citation makes financial sense or if you are better of just paying the ticket. Feel free to look at our testimonials to hear from previous clients. Attorney Sasa Johnen fights hard for his clients and looks forward to do the same for you.