Traffic Tickets and Speeding Tickets Defense

Traffic offenses may be viewed as minor offenses under the law, but that does not mean that they will only have a minor impact on your life. Even a first ticket can result in a hefty fine and a hike in your insurance premiums. If you receive multiple tickets, you can expect your insurance premiums to skyrocket, and the points on your license could lead to it being suspended and you being unable to get to school or work. Further, any job where you are required to drive any type of company vehicle may require a completely clean driving history, and a job with strict background check requirements may look unfavorable on traffic tickets as a sign of a general disregard for the law.

While the odds are stacked against you, you are still entitled to have the prosecution prove a traffic charge, and you may be able to beat a ticket with the help of an experienced traffic attorney. Further, it is often possible to have a traffic ticket reduced to a non-moving violation that will not have the same impact on your driving record and will not result in increased insurance premiums.

Attorney Sasa Johnen understands that getting a ticket does not mean your are guilty. Even if you believe there is no possible defense, Johnen Law Offices will help you contest your traffic ticket. Whether speeding, sign violation, reckless driving or any other driving violation, Attorney Sasa Johnen will seek the best possible outcome.

Traffic Tickets and Speeding Tickets Defense

Attorney Sasa Johnen offers free consultations. Contact Johnen Law Offices if you need assistance with a speeding ticket or traffic ticket you received anywhere in Wisconsin, including the following counties:

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